Airsoft Bazaar Policy
Dozens of new ads are placed on Airsoft Bazaar every day. To ensure that it does not become a proliferation of advertisements, certain rules have been developed. You must agree to these rules before placing an advertisement. Ads that do not follow the rules can be removed without any messages.

Customer service will guarantee the following rules at all times without exception. We are completely transparent in our policy. Do you have questions about the policy? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

General Airsoft Bazaar policy
Article 1: The general terms and conditions remain applicable at all times.
Article 2: There are penalties for violating this policy.
  • Paragraph 1: Members who break the rules will be punished by banning the account. A ban prevents an account from being accessible for a predefined period.
    • Under a: Do you break one or more rules more than twice a year on two separate days? Then you get a temporary ban for 1 week.
    • Sub b: Have you ever had a 1 week temporary ban and are you breaking the rules again within a year on 2 different days? Then comes a 30-day ban.
    • Sub c: Have you ever had a 30 day temporary ban and again break the rules within 1 year on 2 different days? Then you will be permanently banned.
  • Paragraph 2: In derogation from the penalties mentioned in Article 2 (1), derogations may be taken if an offense is considered a serious offense. We understand that serious misconduct means;
    • Under a: Spamming; unsolicited and unwanted messages or advertisements sent in large quantities containing the same content, often of no value.
    • Sub b: Scams; A person who, in order to illegally favor himself or to be another person, either by taking a false name or a false ability, or by trickery, or by a condiment of compactions, displaces a person to emit any good , to provide a service, to make data available, to get into debt or to cancel a debt, is, as guilty of scams.
  • Paragraph 3: A flagrant violation is immediately punishable by a permanent ban.
  • Paragraph 4: It is understood that the prohibition of an account means; deactivate an account that prevents the user from signing in, sending messages or creating advertisements.
    • Under a: When an account is permanently banned, it automatically means that even all of its IP addresses that have already been logged in are banned with it.

Review policy
Article 1: It is not allowed to post a review on a profile if no purchase or sale to or from it has taken place between the respective users.

Article 2: An exam must be posted at all times with a covering letter in which the exam score is clearly explained.

Article 3: Notices must be written in Dutch, English or French at all times.

Article 4: Airsoft Bazaar (admin role) reserves the right to remove notices to place at any time without any form of message.

Advertising policy
Article 1: An advertisement must always belong to one of the categories on Airsoft Bazaar. If a product is placed outside a designated category, this is not allowed.

Article 2: Pressure guns intended for steel pallets or BBs are not permitted.

Article 3: Pressure guns of more than 2 joule are not authorized.

Article 4: It is not allowed to place phone numbers, e-mail addresses or links to websites in an advertisement. However, these can be placed in a private message as long as they are linked to the platform.

Article 5: Advertisements must be written in Dutch, English or French languages ​​at all times.

Article 6: Airsoft Bazaar (admin role) reserves the right at any time to remove advertisements to be placed without any form of message.

Communication policy
Article 1: Texts in advertisements, messages or reviews must never be hateful, racist or offensive.
Article 2: Airsoft Bazaar will never read messages from its users' message inbox until there is no reason to do so.
Article 3: Airsoft Bazaar may deviate from the rule set out in Article 2 in case of reasonable suspicion of a flagrant violation as mentioned in 
Article 2 (4) of Airsoft Bazaar general policy and give themselves access to these messages.
  • Paragraph 1: Airsoft Bazaar must at all times guarantee confidentiality as much as possible when deviating from Article 2.
  • Paragraph 2: Airsoft Bazaar is under no obligation to report the inspection referred to in Paragraph 3 to the respective users.
Role policy
Article 1: Airsoft Bazaar distinguishes between 3 roles;
  • Paragraph 1: Admin; Website administrators and developers.
  • Paragraph 2: Community Manager; Point of contact for administrators in a particular country or language.
  • Paragraph 3: User; The end user.
Article 2: The administrator's task cannot be described because it is complete. The administrator will always take policies into account when performing their task.
Article 3: The task of the community manager;
  • Paragraph 1: Contact with the community in the designated country or language.
  • Paragraph 2: Identify issues related to Airsoft Bazaar and its users in the designated country or language. Communicate issues to management.
  • Paragraph 3: Actively reflect with the platform and make changes for the benefit of the community.
  • Paragraph 4: Work in close collaboration with the administrators.
Article 4: The user;
  • Paragraph 1: The user is the end user of Airsoft Bazaar.
  • Paragraph 2: If the user has any complaints about the platform, he can communicate with the community manager or the administrator.
  • Paragraph 3: If the user has any complaints about the community manager, he can contact the administrator.

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